Pet Vaccinations
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Vaccinations are a crucial aspect of preventative healthcare for pets, and it’s essential to vaccinate your pets, whether they live indoors or outdoors.

Even indoor pets can be at risk of contracting certain diseases, and vaccinations are a simple and effective way to protect them.

At Davis Veterinary Service, we offer a variety of pet vaccinations in Rensselaer and Winamac to protect your furry friends. For dogs, we offer vaccines against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and bordetella. For cats, we offer vaccines against rabies, feline leukemia, panleukopenia, herpesvirus, and calicivirus.

By vaccinating your pets, you not only protect them from life-threatening illnesses but also help prevent the spread of these diseases in the pet population. Additionally, some vaccines, such as rabies vaccines, are required by law to keep your pets and your community safe.

At Davis Veterinary Service, our experienced veterinarians can help determine which vaccines are necessary for your pets based on their age, lifestyle, and health status. We also ensure that all vaccinations are administered safely and with minimal discomfort to your pet.

So, whether your pet is indoor or outdoor, young or old, make sure to schedule their vaccinations with us at Davis Veterinary Service. We’re here to help keep your furry friends healthy and happy for years to come!

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